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It matches the libraries on the user's' computer, with those required by the program before compiling it from its source code. As a common practice, all configure scripts are named configure. Usually, configure scripts are written for the Bourne shell, but they may be written for execution in any desired shell.
CONFIGURE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
From the Cambridge English Corpus. It is possible to configure the system to use other verbs as defaults if desired. From the Cambridge English Corpus. This scheme is very flexible, allowing to completely configure the way active modules are located.
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Learn More About configure. Post the Definition of configure to Facebook Share the Definition of configure on Twitter Time Traveler for configure. The first known use of configure was in 1677. See more words from the same year. Dictionary Entries Near configure.
configured Dictionary Definition:
When something's' configured, it's' arranged or set up to serve a purpose. The word comes from the verb configure, which is rooted in the Latin configurare, to" fashion after a pattern, from the stems con, together, and figurare, to" shape."
configure - Wiktionary.
configure third-person singular simple present configures, present participle configuring, simple past and past participle configured. transitive To set up or arrange something in such a way that it is ready for operation for a particular purpose, or to someone's' particular liking.
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